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Variconis – gel against varicose veins

varicose veins - a common disease of the blood vessels

More and more people in Austria are affected by diseases of the blood vessels, if these first the disease has touched only citizens over the age of, now with varicose veins of the face of persons who have not attained the threshold the age of majority. Experts explain this the modern way of life man: work in the office, lack of exercise extremely negative affect the general health and the condition of the blood vessels in particular. But innovative drug Variconis allows you to restore your health blood and get rid of varicose veins in as short a time as possible.

What is varicose veins?

In normal conditions, the body, and the veins are for the flow of blood to the heart. For the upright position, blood can flow upwards in the body there is special muscle-venous hydraulic. She pushes the blood up, and to avoid to reverse the movement of blood flow, in veins there are valves special.

But for various reasons these valves can weaken and stop for this to work. In the end, the blood stagnates in the legs, veins are elongated and begin to bulge through the skin, occur varices.

Aside from the discomfort of heaviness in the legs and cosmetic blemishes, varicose veins tait still a danger of which many do not know. The lack of blood flow causes the formation of blood clots, which can block not only the veins in the legs, but also the blood vessels throughout the body. This it is called thromboembolism and can lead to heart attack and even lethal result.

The symptoms of varicose veins

Not worth the effort to try to put themselves in the diagnosis, it is best to consult doctor and conduct a survey. But, according to some of the symptoms can be install the presence of varicose veins at home:

  1. Tiredness and heaviness in the legs.
  2. The swelling.
  3. The pain in the veins.
  4. Cramps during the night.
  5. The discomfort, a burning sensation in the calves of the legs, itching.
  6. Protruding veins, the formation of nodules.
  7. The change in color of the skin, the purple mesh on the legs.
  8. In the later stages of the disease may appear difficult healing of the sores ulcers.

During the monitoring no more than two symptoms on the list, experts recommend that immediately begin therapy gel for the treatment of varicose veins Variconis.

Because of what happens to varicose veins?

As with the problem of varicose veins fights Variconis

Variconis - revolution in the treatment of varicose veins
  1. Gel in the first place, struggling with unpleasant symptoms, relieves swelling, takes away the burning and pain sensation.
  2. In addition, the drug has a firming effect on the wall of the blood vessels and on the the cardiovascular system in general, reduces the risk of thrombosis – blockage blood.
  3. Relieves the feeling of tiredness in the legs and throughout the body, increases the life tone.
  4. Prevents the clogging of the blood vessels.
  5. Remove the aesthetic defects, such as stars on the legs, the swollen veins.

Advantages Variconis

The composition of the gel

oil of rosemary Variconis

The uniqueness of the formula of the gel Variconis in the fact that the instrument does not contain chemically synthesized substances and is completely safe for use in any age. The ingredients list has more than 20 titles, below are just some of them:

To purchase gel for the treatment of varicose veins Variconis in the country Austria, you just go to the official website and leave the application. If you make a purchase now, you will get a 50% discount, thanks done manufacturer actions. The price of the product will only be €39, what is the price in other countries , having the time of order Variconis and maintain the health of blood vessels!

The opinion of a doctor

Dr. Vascular surgeon Kai Kai
Vascular surgeon
16 years
Disease of the blood vessels are often located in Austria and varicose veins – one of the more nasty diseases in the list. Treatment of varicose veins is a rather complex process, you may need surgery. But the gel for the treatment of varicose veins Variconis eliminates the need to go under the knife of the surgeon, effectively restoring the elasticity of blood vessels and without unpleasant sensations.