Varicose veins of the lower limbs

Diseases of the circulatory system, blood vessels, and hemostasis are enough dangerous and complex. In this way, and fight with them, too easy. Treatment of varicose veins requires a lot of patience and hard work, and modern life is very beneficial varicose veins. Different professions make a person the most exceptional day standing or sitting behind a computer desk, which itself is favourable factors for the appearance of varicose veins, because such activity the blood flow is hampered, and if a person has a genetic predisposition to varicose veins, the threat of this disease becomes even more urgent.

varicose veins

What is varicose veins

Because of a violation of the structural configuration of the walls of the blood vessels and lower the tone of the vascular veins of the lower limbs begin irregular expand. This process often occurs as a result of an excessive load on the foot. The blood arrives at the arterial bed, enriched with nutrients and oxygen to the lower limbs, with this one, which took the products of the exchange and of carbon dioxide from them, in conditions of normal circulation would have to rise in the veins it is even easy through the right ventricle, to give all the non-essential items and take another portion of the substances necessary for the lower limbs. The veins of the lower limbs have valves, the blood that rose to the top did not return. The veins of the valves there is no possibility to close hermetically, and then the blood can not get away completely and begins to stagnate. Next to her comes another portion of the blood, and consequently the circulation is broken.

Result from stagnation of blood in the course of time in the venous vessels forming blood clots that are called red, because of the fact that for the most part composed of red blood cells. A blood clot will form the tail and the head, the head is fixed to the vascular wall, and free the tail begin to stick to the platelets. A clot of blood for a long period of time it sticks to the vascular wall and becomes a kind of bomb, since a blood clot, which broke off a very, very dangerous because it can block any vital-important artery. As a general rule, blood clots detaches part of the tail and then go on a journey through the arteries and blood vessels. Sure going the right atrium, with the large size you may get stuck in the trunk of the pulmonary, or you may get stuck in the pulmonary artery. These phenomena lead to sudden death, and bears the name of PE (i.e. pulmonary embolism).

What is the reason?

Internal varicose veins is a very common disease. But there are people who may live to a ripe old age and not to deal with varicose veins. Let's see if how it looks inside and the segmental veins and what leads to this. To breakdown the structural configuration of the vessel wall, in particular, it does not take much, just some this conditions or innate predisposition to this disease. The loss of tone and elasticity of the vascular wall may appear in professional activity, or in the event of a work being worked on by the man, forced to a long time to be in a vertical position. Also varices of the internal veins can be caused by pregnancy, obesity, or employment sports with a load in excess of. There are less obvious causes of varicose veins, for example, changes in the hormonal background, the violation continues of diet and unhealthy lifestyle in general.

The symptoms of varicose veins

In the first place, the diagnosis of varicose veins is made of external signs. But in the initial phase, when it is not very extended couple of the crown, a person simply can not pay to these signs of varicose veins. But, little by little, the disease begins to progress, the nodes of the veins out toward the outside, the skin on the inner surface of the leg begins to shine and change its color, and even these places of severe itching. The skin is injured.

In this way, the symptoms of varicose veins of the lower extremities are the following:

  • The emergence of a sense of fatigue in the legs, swelling and heaviness in the limbs.
  • The twisted areas, and thickening of the venous vessels, which protrude above the surface of the tibia in the form of dark-blue nodes.
  • Has lost some of its elasticity, darkened and padded leather in places defeat.
  • Cramps in the legs.
  • Itching in the direction of varicose veins areas.
  • Burning sensation and loss of hair in areas of varicose veins.

Gradually the disease develops and the symptoms become more pronounced and lead to other phenomena:

  • Increased pain
  • Ulceration and dermatitis of the damaged area, caused by a stagnation of blood

On the places affected cracks and bubbles, which bleed at the smallest injury. And where there is bleeding, there are and blood clots.

As A result of such events can be complicated, thrombophlebitis, that you can define the following characteristics:

  • The weakness, the lack of air and shortness of breath;
  • The pain in the movement of the ship;
  • The temperature rise in the affected limb, the skin is thick and hot;
  • Redness of the arts in the area of vienna;
  • The pain in the movement of the ship.

Thrombophlebitis an extremely dangerous disease, that requires an immediate treatment to a doctor!

Varicose, reticular

It often happens that through the skin the thigh or the calf of the leg begin to distinguish the superficial veins, and blood vessels. This phenomenon is called the reticulum to varicose veins or varicose veins of the superficial veins. Varicose, reticular, are not usually serious complications and even as a small cosmetic disadvantage he is not a threat. That's why this type of varicose veins is still called cosmetic.

Treatment of varicose veins

When the symptoms of varicose veins should not ignore them, and the need to immediately begin the treatment of this disease, which does not lead to a critical stage of varicose veins, when it will begin to pose a threat to life and will be the cause of giving the patient the disability. Many, after learning of varicose veins, trying not to use the situation, and often with success with the help of treatment at home, we'll talk about it in more detail.

treatment of varicose veins

Services in varicose veins

In varicose veins, which plays a significant role in the diet. In the first place, if you have excess weight, with varicose veins will be useful to restore, already for this it is worth to adhere correctly completed the diet. A person suffering from varicose veins must exclude from your diet the following foods:

  • The alcohol (completely)
  • Strong coffee
  • Preserves, products sharp
  • Savory and sweet products

Now we listed products that have a beneficial effect on varicose veins:

  • Products rich in vitamins E, A, C,B;
  • Wheat, rye, oats and wheat, soybeans, cabbages of all types, carrots, rose hips and gooseberries – a particularly beneficial effect on the blood vessels;
  • Juices of citrus fruits, vegetables, fresh berries;
  • Fennel, nettle, parsley.

§ Irudoterapia in varicose veins

Probably everyone has heard of the one that leeches are widely used for the treatment of diseases of various nature. Also actively leeches and used for the treatment of varicose veins. This is natural, because if the veins appeared in the stagnation of blood, a leech will help remove "excess" blood, and perhaps of his saliva and dissolve the clot.

Medical treatment

In some cases, for the treatment of varicose veins is necessary to consult a doctor. The treatment of this disease focuses on special physician – vascular surgeon. Medicine, of course, try to maximize the click through to use drastic measures, that is, without surgical intervention. Any surgery, even the simplest leads to the violation of the integrity of the blood vessels, and therefore, the formation of blood clots, which have in place in varicose veins. Of great importance is the age of the patient, since it is known that older people often varicose veins may be accompanied by chronic diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and this makes difficult the application of anesthesia. Then before the doctor tries to do less than other remedies for the treatment of varicose veins. Among these methods, it is possible to highlight creams, ointments, and pills of varicose veins. Here they are and these types of treatments such as physiotherapy, laser coagulation, compression, sclerotherapy and magnetic therapy. These treatments do not require a hospital stay and almost painless. To treat varicose veins prescribe medications if varicose veins, which improve the flow of blood in the veins and protect the walls of the blood vessels and thinning the blood. The pharmacological treatment includes:

  • Antiplatelet agents, solvents lumps;
  • Phlebotonics;
  • Drugs that inhibit sortivnyh blood;
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory tablets;
  • Ointment from varicose veins, creams and gels target local, that have a therapeutic effect;
  • Wraps with varicose veins

Therapy Sclerosing

In the early stages of the disease can be treated with the help of therapy sclerosant. You can help when you have not yet compromised the function of the valves. Also this method is very useful in the reticular varicose veins, absolutely not a trace of the disease. This treatment is performed phlebology, which introduced intravenously to the patient a solution.

Laser coagulation

Laser coagulation is also quite effective method to combat varicose veins. The sick are fairly well tolerated this treatment, even if here there is the post-operative period associated with the discomfort. After such an intervention may appear as pain and bruising along coagulated vienna. In some cases, after a few days the body temperature rises to a low level. But if you take anti-inflammatory non-steroidal drugs. Immediately after surgery, the patient is allowed to get up and also advised of similar, but before this necessarily need to wear compression hosiery. This treatment of varicose veins is manufactured by intravascular laser exposure of the thermal energy on the venous wall and blood clots annexed to it, that are therefore replaced by connective tissue. The same vienna, with the passage of time, about a year, will be transformed into a connecting cable. Treatment of varicose veins with laser is it really effective helps to cope with varicose veins, with this method is very few contraindications, does not cause an allergic reaction and has no negative side effects. This treatment is well tolerated by the patients and can also be used for people with senile or the elderly.


If you have the genetic propensity to this disease or your professional activity predisposes to the appearance of varicose veins, then you need to take preventive measures to avoid unpleasant consequences. As it happens that the varicose veins has already been the subject of laser treatment, but if you do not execute certain rules, it can appear again, because this is a disease subject to relapses. In the first place, as already mentioned, it is necessary to take seriously the choice of a proper diet, which should be light and rich in vitamins. Possibly try to choose a piece of furniture and not too physically hard work. Well, if you decide to work on a sedentary job or, on the contrary, the job, where you must always be at the walk, try to move more, by doing simple physical exercises with varicose veins of the lower limbs. One of these exercises is the one sitting on the chair, alternately lift your foot on the tip. It can also be sitting on a chair, in the alternative, straighten the legs, there is a stiff on their knees. Gymnastics or physical therapy are useful and if you have already varicose veins are a great way to prevent it. It is recommended that you avoid wearing shoes with very high heel which height is more than 6 see Also important the shoes were, in general, it is convenient and has not left the circulation of the blood. A great addition to comfortable shoes with varicose veins will be compression stockings.

Very effective as varicose veins and the prevention of foot massage. He prefers to do it alone, but even better to entrust this has professional massage therapists who have familiarity with the anatomical structure and the physiological characteristics venous vessels. Of course, the difficult year physically and materially expensive to go to a massage therapist, so it is quite normal to take a course of massage couple of times a year, and all the rest of the time to do a daily self-massage. Also keep an eye out in general, for the excellent condition of their legs, that is, to keep clean, to avoid cracks, scratches and abrasions, which favour the penetration of infections. It is desirable for every evening do to the legs relaxing baths with extract of pine, after which you can lubricate your legs tonic, emollient cream. Among other things, give up bad habits, it will be beneficial for the entire body as a whole and will promote the prevention of varicose veins.