The operation for varicose veins on the legs

the symptoms

Launched the stage of varicose veins often leads to rapid intervention. When damaged inflamed vienna, it is not possible to restore the conservative methods, comes to the aid of the operation with varicose veins, now the indications and contraindications to the organization. In consideration of the possibility of serious complications, doctors often prefer to surgery. How it is performed step-by-step in the removal of varicose veins on the legs, when it is necessary to have recourse to the intervention, what types of intervention are, according to the article.

What types of intervention are

Today the vascular surgery offers several solutions of a problem with varicose veins. Doctors can offer you not only a removal operation of the veins varicose veins, but and innovative techniques. To the main types of intervention in varicose veins of the veins of the lower limbs are:

  • Flebectomia (venektomiya) – the operation of varicose veins, that allows you to remove the damaged vessel. Is made the surgery through the execution of small cut in the groin area (3-5 mm). In this area ligation performed step-by-step, with the consequent cutting of vienna. After the surgery often experience minor complications, the seams should not give the patient great discomfort, are biodegradable. In total, the patient is in the postoperative period in a hospital not more than 2 days.

Popular among doctors and patients in case of impossibility of carrying out minimally invasive surgery enjoys flebectomia. The operation consists of the execution of the point of penetration.

visible defects

This type of intervention helps reduce the time of replacement, rehabilitation, reduce the risk of complications, affected by a small area of the skin when you perform an operation.

  • This type of intervention, such as stripping, allows by means of the bites of produce the removal of varicose veins on the legs, not pull the entire city of vienna completely. Exposed removal of only that sector, which has suffered inflammation. Stripping has less complications than the standard operation.
  • Laser coagulation – is a way to eliminate the symptoms of malocclusion with the exposure of the laser beam. Penetrates "inside" of the skin at the site of vessel injury, product bonding inflamed phase that leads to the cessation of its operation. Expensive operation, but with the smallest amount of complications. Advantage of laser coagulation is the lack of damage to the skin.
  • Radio frequency obliteration. The new method, helps to solve the problem of the legs through the introduction of a one-time catheters. The operation has a number of advantages – it allows the surgeons, the reconstruction of the veins, perhaps the treatment once on both legs, in the end, the patient gets a result that is aesthetic.
  • Sclerotherapy – suggests the smallest intervention on the legs and veins. Is done through the introduction of a particular substance, which allows to "glue" and then "destroy" the sick blood. The operation requires a series of procedures. In the end, the patient receives his sound and appearance, the resolution of the problems.

Directions to the surgery

As with any surgery, surgery of varicose veins of the lower limbs involves a number of readings, they are guided by the vascular surgeon. Surgery to the veins in the varicose veins is necessary in the following cases:

  • The disease has continued, there is the risk of complications;
  • When the veins increase in size for a reason, physiological disorders;
  • If you cure the disease by conservative methods, and folk remedies impossible;
  • In the presence of thrombophlebitis acute;
  • If there are complications (trophic defeat of the skin of the foot);
  • In the presence of persistent pain, fatigue and swelling in the legs;
  • The square of the defeat is more than 50%;
  • Disturbed the normal flow of blood.

The surgical treatment of varicose veins does not always lead to the removal of the veins of the legs. Today there are many techniques that involve the lack of skin cutting. To reduce the risk for lead exactly surgical scalpel intervention, it is worth the time to seek professional help and to carry out an adequate therapy of the lower limbs.

Flebectomia is popular

In the early stages of the disease pass on to a phlebectomy. The preparation for this type of operation the most basic. The patient takes a shower, and a fully shaves the leg and groin. It is very important that, before an operation of the skin on the leg was perfectly healthy and the skin is not violated. Before surgery, the patient cleanse the bowel and investigations of allergic reactions to drugs. The operation begins with the long-cut up to five inches of the groin and the length of two inches is ankle. Other incisions are made under the big venous knots. The incisions shallow and narrow. Through an incision in the groin injected in the portal vein the venous extractor (in the subtle form of procrastination with a round tip at the end). With the help of this tool, the surgeon removes the affected vein. Then on the cuts closed with stitches and the operation is finished. Of course, the leg is closed with a bandage, sterile, and from above impose an elastic bandage. After 1-2 days the patient can already move by themselves.

the laser in the work
  • After the flebectomia patient is wearing stockings (or bandages) for 2 months, and even takes venotonic to restore the functioning of the veins.
  • In some cases, it is prescribed a phlebectomy, in this case on the leg are made small incision (under local anesthesia), through which are eliminated the damaged parts of vienna or even vienna completely.

Sclerotherapy — painless removal of varicose veins

Today, a special popularity acquired echo-guided sclerotherapy— treatment of varicose veins injections. When this is inserted into the vein substance sclerosant, which destroys the inner layer of the blood vessels, after which the intermediate layers grow together and form opadanie of vienna. This method is the trickiest, but to get a long-term effect it is necessary to perform a series of procedures and need about six months for rehabilitation. This type of intervention, as well as foam sclerotherapy can be used only in the presence of veins of small diameter and with a large number of "varicose veins". Injected in the vein, I have a bad cough, sclerosing, the effectiveness of which is increased due to the large increase in the surface area of interaction with the inner side of the vessel. And also, in virtue of its particular consistency of the foam has been long delayed in the vessel, increasing the exposure time to the medication to the affected area blood. Therefore, when the foam sclerotherapy in the number of sessions is significantly reduced.

The use of laser in phlebology

The more modern method of removal of veins, laser, intravascular laser coagulation. The surface of vienna from the inside is processed with a laser barely perceptible puncture. By the high temperature of the laser in a moment, the blood boils and ferments wall problem of the ship for its entire length. Very rarely the damage during the operations, close the vessel or nerve. But this complication is completely excluded from a qualified expert.

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Sclerotherapy is an introduction to the vessel lumen of the needle through which is served with medication, able to sew together the venous walls. This manipulation is carried out with the application of a local anesthetic. After the procedure, blood sklerosiruta, and the blood stops for him. Immediately after the intervention shows wear by tightening the dressings, which help to maintain the result. Flebectomia is an operation which aims to remove pathologically altered blood. With this purpose, they use different ways:

  • Extraction through a small puncture with the use of a hook.
  • The removal of a fragment from the affected areas with the help of very small cuts.
  • Combined method. Involves a combination of these methods and laser.

The hardening

The hardening allows you to fill the jar therapeutic use of a substance that prevents the blood stream and reduces the diameter of the pathological area. In this case, apply 2 medicine — sclerotherapy and foam. The first substance medicine the hill the walls of the veins, and the second only fills an area, resulting in its blockage. Both types of drugs administered through a small puncture. The exact location of the problem can be detected using doppler. The hardening allows you to fill the jar therapeutic use of a substance that prevents the blood stream and reduces the diameter of the pathological area.


Stripping is carried out with the aid of a small probe, which is inserted through a small incision and paste the pathological stage of the ship, then exposed on the surface and is removed. Another type of operation — cryotrapping. In the course of an intervention in vienna, the injected liquid nitrogen, which brings the region to degradation and makes it non-functional. The process takes about 40 minutes. They do it under general anesthesia, and with the use of local anesthesia.

diagram of operation


Preparation for surgery includes the respect of mandatory rules, which involve:

  • The rest of the blood analysis to determine the overall health of the body. The procedure is carried out step-by-step, on an empty stomach for a couple of days before the surgery.
  • Chest x-ray. It is necessary for the elimination of tuberculosis.
  • The research of the blood for the presence of HIV infection, which can lead to serious complications after manipulation.
  • The rejection of the consumption of food for 6 hours before surgery. This rule must comply only in the case in which the operation is performed under general anesthesia.
  • A cleansing enema. Also applies in case of impossibility of removal of the vein with the use of local anesthesia.

Do I have to before the operation, inform the physician about the presence of an allergic reaction to some substance medicine.

How to do the operation

Depending on the nature of the intervention applies his technique of surgery. When sclerotherapy are provided for the following steps:

  • The patient takes necessary for the installation, depending on the location hit the ship.
  • The doctor produces local anesthesia by the introduction of the injection of Novocaine.
  • With the help of a long needle made puncture. The syringe is introduced to the desired depth. Then takes place the injection of the drug. Immediately after the venous the walls begin to stick together. And only in that place, where is located pathological area.
  • Specialist requires a close bandage and send the patient home.
immediate intervention

When sclerotherapy with the help of a long needle the puncture, and is injected the drug, the adhesive, the walls of the blood vessels. Flebectomia implies more a minimally invasive operation. If the volume of pathologically altered tissue large, and then apply the technique, which involves 2-3 of the incision. If you have a small snippet using a small hook. The operation can be carried out under the town and local anesthesia. In the first place is carried out antiseptic treatment of the limb. After that the affected area vienna recovered on and remove, if necessary by the application of the seams. Laser coagulation is performed step-by-step even under general or local anesthesia. After the relief from the pain of a lost limb, treat, antiseptic, and through a small puncture slowly advance the subtle transactions, which powers the laser. Reaching the problem of the hearth, a light-guide, it dissolves the wall of the vessel under the action of heat. As A result of a vessel, closed, and decreases in diameter. The hardening is similar to the procedure of sclerotherapy. But in the first case you use different substances depending on the nature of the problem. Connect vienna the drug is injected with the help of needle and local application of pain relief. Control for handling, the doctor performs when you run the monitoring process on the monitor screen. The operation requires no more than 30-40 minutes. Stripping involves a small cut or puncture. It all depends on the mass scale. Stripping involves a small cut or puncture. It all depends on the mass scale. The probe goes up the pathological area, the welds, then the doctor will tighten the tool and pull out the affected area of the ship on the surface of the skin. Modified part, it is removed. If necessary, suture. Removal of the varicose vein can be performed only by a surgeon experienced in process control the ultrasound machine.

The post-operative period

The rehabilitation continues 6 months. At this time do not try to lift things weighing more than 8 kg. The first month you must wear compression stockings for the regulation of the functioning of the venous system and to prevent complications. As the healing this therapy, physiotherapy, swimming, active walking etc.... it is Necessary to follow the mass of the body. Are possible post-operative complications: recurrence, hematoma, thromboembolism, cicatricial changes of the skin with small knots. The most common consequence are considered to be pain that may be present in 1-2 months.


If he goes, if the severity after the surgery in the varicose veins on the legs

Immediately after the surgery to perceive the changes impossible. The fact is that gravity can be present due to edema-and-operated arts. So the symptom disappears already after 2 weeks. After a month, the gravity disappears permanently together with the pain.

If you think so how much does an operation for varicose veins for You absolutely "overwhelming" amount to, yes, even more of an appropriate treatment after the operation "costs a pretty penny", maybe better, and to abandon the operations of this. Well, everyone has the right, at its option. It is possible to obtain a certain improvement of the condition of the veins, also very significant, and without surgery. And ' really existing facts — the man really can cope with varicose veins without surgery, but for this you need to, as they say, "go another way". Namely, they must die of hunger, forget the alcohol and smoking, performing regular and do not neglect the popular ways for the treatment of varicose veins. Remember that healthy feet is a foundation with no cracks or damage, that gives you the ability to create, to move, to love, to simply live and be free.