Flying with varicose veins

Good strong of vienna, require a constant take care of themselves. In the initial stage of varicose veins, destroying the beauty of the legs, it represents a health threat, but progressing, it creates complications, and it is a danger to life. Varicose veins other organs most often are the companions of the various diseases, and to get the real effect to take care of their needs together with them. Risk group, that in the first place, it is necessary to remember to the prevention of varicose veins:

  • All those who lead a sedentary life.
  • A lot during the day, for example in the workplace.
  • Anyone who is overweight or suffers from obesity.
  • Wearing high heels or too tight shoes.
  • Has a disease (or the recent operation) in the pelvic area.
  • Wearing tight clothing, which obstruct the flow of blood.
  • Often he is sitting, put the foot on the leg.
  • Women in pregnancy.
  • Athletes engaged with regular congestion.
  • Take hormonal drugs.
varicose veins

Many people do not even know that they are carriers of a serious disease. In the execution stage of the disease is treated quite difficult, unlike the initial one. Then, all, and especially to those who have a bad heritage, you need to know what is varicose veins, the symptoms, and remember — early treatment to considering that it is only necessary, as well as a routine control to the dentist. Protect your health they need them, not putting a case-by-case basis.

Varicose veins, what is it?

To understand where what is varicose veins, let us examine the causes of the onset of the disease. As is well known, our body is laced the most common cause of a network of blood vessels, some of which push the blood towards the heart — vienna, and others, on the contrary, lead in the opposite direction – is an artery. While the system is running smoothly, and the blood vessels clean and elastic are not subjected to excessive loads, all is well. If they are regular errors, sooner or later can lead to diseases, one of which – varicose veins.

It can occur in any part of the body, but most often it is localized in the arts. In part because, by raising the blood up the legs, the veins carry high loads, in part, because our members, this is one of the most "engaged" the parts of our body, we are forced to lift weights, a lot of walking, standing, or sitting, that is also bad, as it interferes with the normal flow of blood.

Methods of treatment

In the clinic we apply modern techniques of treatment of varicose veins in compliance with the standards, the World association of phlebology . Each method has its indications and limitations for use, it all depends on the diagnosis. The use of bezoperatsionnaya techniques — priorities of our center.


It usually applies in the initial stage of varicose veins. In addition to a therapeutic component, sclerotherapy – the only method that is direct and to obtain an aesthetic result – removal of varicose veins and varicose veins reticular. With the help of a syringe and needle (injections) a varicose vein is introduced a special drug that "sticker" of the vessel wall. One session of the procedure takes about ten minutes. On average, it takes place 2-4 session.

Transdermal laser technology.

varicose veins of the veins of the legs

For the removal of varicose veins, to spider veins and tiny capillaries on the legs are used innovative transdermal technology, the laser. It allows you with a minimum of effects of laser radiation on adjacent tissues selectively coagulate only vessels damaged, without damaging healthy areas of the skin. The effect of the treatment — the way to extinction veins or capillaries, you'll be able to see almost immediately.

Laser and radio frequency technology

Larger blood the processing takes place with the laser and rfid technologies.

It is an effective saving techniques, removal of veins, which relate to the category "office of phlebology" with a quick recovery period after two hours of these procedures the patient only leaves the clinic and can go back to the normal pace of life.

The mini-invasive surgery

In those cases, when without the operation you cannot do it, the experts of the Centre of Phlebology use of minimally invasive technology — miniperl, combined intervention, cryoablation, that are carried out successfully in a hospital one day.

The main task of the train is to ensure maximum safety for the patient in the conduct of operations. What is important to know about varicose veins? In and of itself the presence of dilated veins already an indication for treatment, even if you do not hurt. In these veins the valves do not work, the blood stagnates and vienna lose its function. As long as you "grow" the veins, the greater the amount of treatment necessary, also, in the presence of dilated veins, there is the risk of thrombosis. Much easier and more safe to solve the problem in an initial phase, to communicate prior to surgery.

Do not forget that with age even the most simple, the treatment can be due to concomitant diseases, such as, for example, increase of blood pressure.

Varicose veins of the limbs complications

The most common form of this disease, that at the bottom and is meant when we speak of varicose veins of the veins is varicose veins of the legs. His initial symptoms were listed above, and what may cause the abandonment of the treatment? A list of the main complications of this disease:

  • thrombophlebitis;
  • phlebothrombosis;
  • sores;
  • bleeding of the varices and of the nodes.
varicose veins on the face

What is thrombophlebitis? Is an inflammation of the external walls of the veins and the appearance to them of clots of blood, that not only the restricted space for the flow of blood, but in the end can completely close the vessel. And ' virtually from the start accompanies varicose veins of the limbs. And does not occupy the veins of a man, in the end, the flowers of complications, receives thrombophlebitis acute, when a blood clot prevents not only the movement of the soul, but is the center of the hearth inflammation, which affect not only the wall of the vessel, but also the nearby tissues.

Phlebothrombosis – so called deep vein thrombophlebitis, and no less serious, and with great difficulty treatable disease when thrombosis prevents the current of blood and the blood vessels and the tissue around it is inflamed. What is the thrombosis? This is the appearance of blood clots in the blood vessels, preventing the flow of blood, and then completely obstruct the lumen of blood vessels. Even a partial reduction of the fresh blood slows down the metabolism of the tissues and consequent accumulation of its products, and a complete blockage can lead to cell death, i.e. necrosis of the tissues.

Another serious problem of varicose veins of the last degrees, is open sores, long scars. For how long? If, within a month and a half the wound and do not think to heal, and this is a trophic ulcer. Has treated, but it is long and complex treatment, when you should combine surgical and therapeutic techniques.

Not less dangerous is a complication such as bleeding of the varices and of the nodes. Can be caused only thinning of the blood vessels in places of swelling and mechanical influence. Because damage staniulis and has lost the elasticity of the pot and it costs you nothing. You must not think that this only applies outside of the veins that are in depth just as "delicate" and susceptible of any loads, impacts, movements. Varicose veins are the video produces even more depressing. To avoid this, it is necessary as soon as possible contact a doctor and follow all his directions, as in the treatment and life-style.

Cream for varicose veins medical advice

Get rid of varicose veins 14 days will offer producers of cream. On the official website says that this tool, created on the basis of natural ingredients, allows you to completely eliminate not only the symptoms of the disease, but also the same as the varicose veins extended to vienna. Decrease if they are in terms of size, or disappear completely under the influence of active substances cream – it is not known, but the main thing – the result is not temporary and permanent. If this is possible?

The presence of symptoms of varicose veins. Apply the cream from varicose veins, its sellers offer completely eliminate the disease in just 2 weeks. A positive result is guaranteed, regardless of the stage of the pathological process.

The presence of risk factors for development of varicose veins. You can use regular cream, if you have bad habits, stagnant profession or relatives suffering from varicose veins of the lower limbs.

Pregnancy. The birth of a woman, according to the producers of the cream from varicose veins, you must apply this cream for the prevention of varicose veins.

Alleged effects after 2 weeks from the beginning of the use of the funds:

  • the complete disappearance of all the symptoms;
  • the resorption of blood clots and vascular lattice;
  • reduction in the deformation of the veins;
  • the normalization of blood circulation, healing of trophic ulcers.

Even if you are completely cured already after 2 weeks, a course of treatment sellers cream recommended to extend for up to 2 months. Probably, this is necessary to avoid the relapse of the disease.

Currently, the medicine still does not know the drugs that could eliminate varicose veins also completely for several years. Remember that the manufacturers of the creams promise to this effect only for 2 weeks. Because of what will be varicose veins?

According to the official site, in a cream contains the following components:

  • ginkgo biloba to improve circulation and reduce inflammation;
  • with witch hazel extract – to dissolve the clots of blood, normalizing the flow of lymph;
  • horse chestnut – to eliminate the fragility of the capillaries, reabsorption, vascular and venous mesh, and the prevention of the occurrence of new blood clots;
  • troxerutin and urea – to relieve the swelling;
  • vegetable oils corn and sunflower seeds – to strengthen blood vessels;
  • menthol – to relieve the spasm in the foot.
varicose veins start

With this compound, the cream is sure will liberate you from varicose veins, in the possession of its components, all those properties that are listed on the official website of the product. A problem – the vast majority have been invented, but because the treatment of varicose veins during the use of this cream it is unlikely.

Cream varicose veins for their effectiveness opposes the generally accepted methods of treatment of varicose veins, as well as:

  • the surgery;
  • the application of tablets;
  • compression therapy.

It states that, unlike all of these therapeutic modalities, cream made of natural components resolves varicose veins completely and forever, without harm to health. Unfortunately, this only happens in the fantasies of the sellers.

In recent years, have appeared dozens of funds from varicose veins, each of which presumably this disease recover completely. They are sold through an advertisement, and leave the market, when the internet appears too a lot of messages of low efficiency of another "miracle" cream. But the sellers do not lose heart. The old product comes another of cream, and again is sold through direct trick suffer from varicose veins people.

The real effect of the cream, if the composition corresponds to that declared by the manufacturer, it is only in the reduction of the symptoms of the disease. Duration of therapeutic effects – a couple of hours. When this is not present no influence on the dynamics of the development of the disease or risk of complications.

Of course, under the action of creams and ointments there is nothing of the resorption of varicose veins-the blood vessels, or the dissolution of blood clots. The majority of the members of the drug components are only effective if swallowed, and practically useless, the local use. But even when I use the internal active substances only reduce the symptoms and slow the progression of the disease, and do not heal varicose veins completely.