What can and can't be in varicose veins: the contraindications, which is useful and harmful?

Varicose veins – polietiologic disease, which is difficult to treat. Only a comprehensive treatment, it can suspend the progression of the disease. It is important to eliminate all of the most important trigger factors, contribute to the development of the disease. This means that you need to change your style of life and of work and rest, dietary habits and physical activity. These changes are not temporary – it is necessary to completely rebuild his life.

How to change your way of life in varicose veins?

When the first symptoms of this disease, it is necessary to take into account the contra-indications in varicose veins, to prevent the progression of the disease and the onset of dangerous consequences such as:

  • avoid physical passivity and, on the contrary, excessive physical effort (strength training, football, basketball, volleyball);
  • varicose veins is not possible to heat, so avoid anything that leads to a local increase of the temperature of the lower limbs (sauna, solarium);
  • not to participate in the procedure, with a physical effect on the lower limbs (massage, sugaring, shower);
  • women should give up wearing high-heeled shoes;
  • if possible, cancel taking medications that increase the viscosity of the blood (oral contraceptives, some medications, hormonal).

If they are permitted intense football training?


The excessive exercise (for example, during workouts or on the move sports games) no less harmful than if varicose veins of the veins of the lower limbs, which their absence. Hypertonicity of the muscles of the calf violates the outflow of blood from the sural venous sinus, which are thicker. For varicose veins of the lower limbs should be abandoned:

  • strength training (bodybuilding, powerlifting);
  • strength exercises in the gym;
  • exsiliens (lessons with the rope), sprint or marathon racing.

Play football, volleyball or other sports outdoor games is allowed during the first phase of the disease, but only on the condition that elastic bandage of the foot. Swimming or walking in varicose veins of the veins of the legs will be more a better alternative to training for power, sprint running, or football.

Can I go in the steam room or sauna?

Go in the sauna, patients with varicose veins is not recommended, so as to heat the varicose veins is not possible. Exposure to high temperatures for the walls on the veins of the lower limbs in conditions of low humidity can lead to the formation of blood clots in veins.

But the bathroom in the bath tub suffer from varicose veins you can, but to go to the bathroom in them is allowed only in the initial stages of varicose veins, when the walls are not deformed. The hot steam improves the tone of blood vessels and improves the condition of the skin, then a visit to the bathroom with a couple no more than 5-7 minutes in a row, for patients with the first signs of varicose veins can be useful. To make sure that no absolute contra-indications to visit the thermal baths of no, before steam, the patients with signs of varicose veins you need to go see a doctor-considering.

Opportunity to walk and take in the sun?

It is possible take the sun in varicose veins

Climb the feet in hot water if there are signs of varicose veins on the legs is absolutely impossible. During this thermal procedure to check blood flow to the feet. This condition leads to an increase in the pressure of blood on the venous walls, which is fraught with the development of complications of the disease (the formation of blood clots, inflammation of the veins). It is possible take the sun in varicose veins? For patients with varicose veins the veins of the legs damaging the sun such as under the direct light of the sun, and in the solarium), because the heating varicose veins is not possible. The ultraviolet rays can adversely affect the status of the venous wall, and their overheating aggravates the course of the disease.

Patients with varicose veins useful to take a contrast, treatments that involve soaking the feet alternately in warm and cold water, or the adoption of a shower contrast. The water in any case should not be hot (over 40°C) or cold (below 18°C).

Harmful if the physical impact in the foot?

Any physical impact in the foot for varicose veins can lead to dangerous complications. If the signs of varicose veins it is necessary to consult a doctor-phlebologist or angiosurgeon about the prohibitions of certain types of procedures, for example, on sugaring, shower, massage. Sugaring (waxing sugar) is a cosmetic procedure of removing unwanted hair, including in the feet, using sugar paste. This paste when the procedure is heated up to a temperature of 39-40°C, and then is applied to the skin.

After drying the paste to relieve the skin with the hair. In this way, sugaring is painful enough procedure similar to wax. The procedure zuccheraggioa does not lead to pleasant sensations even in the absence of varicose veins. For varicose veins sugaring can cause the onset of complications. Massage and shower in varicose veins can cause damage to the fragile venous walls, because they have a direct physical pressure to them.

The refusal by the high heels

The refusal by the high heels

Wearing high heels always harmful, and for women who suffer from varicose veins, and for women without its sign. High-heeled shoes, especially in combination with a narrow shape, causes stagnation of venous blood in the feet and shins. Possibly, from high-heeled shoes it is better to give up all. Such models, it is better to replace the shoes with the wedge or on the comfortable, durable heels. If you wear high heels you can not refuse, then during the day it is necessary to have time to remove the shoes and perform a small complex of gymnastic exercises or sit back, put your feet up on the desk.

What are the drugs are not worth taking?

Certain drugs have contraindications in varicose veins for the reception, because they have the ability to make the blood more viscous, which is dangerous, if varicose veins. This is often used drugs include contraceptives birth control pills. The female sex hormones contained in the pill, increase the blood coagulation.

In the presence of varicose veins blood circulation to them is slowing down, then any increase in the viscosity of the blood can lead to the formation of blood clots. When the first signs of varicose veins women, taking the contraceptive pill, you must consult with your gynecologist and choose another method of contraception.

In addition to the constraints of taking certain drugs, varicose veins of the veins of the lower limbs is not possible to do operations on the legs, for example, the total knee replacement or hip. Varices is a relative contraindication. Varicose veins during the prosthesis can injure or thrombosis. In such cases, in the first place, it is necessary to treat varicose veins, and then do the operation.

You can't take the food?

The diet should give preference vegetarian menu, sometimes (1-2 times a week-you can include lean meat. In the diet of varicose veins is of great importance to the denial or restriction of the consumption of products that:

  • increase the viscosity of the blood;
  • promote the retention of fluids in the body;
  • flock to the gastrointestinal tract, long digested or cause constipation;
  • are high-calorie;
  • contribute peroxy oxidation of lipids and / or cause damage to the cells of the body.

That said, from the diet should exclude or limit in this mode:

  • all the alcoholic beverages (they increase the viscosity of the blood due to the release of the liquid component in the extracellular space);
  • fats and fried foods (promotes blood clotting);
  • Services in varicose veins
  • fatty meat and full-dairy products, eggs (increase the level of "bad" cholesterol in the blood, contribute peroxy lipid oxidation);
  • foods that are high in calories (promote excess weight and bloating, increase the load on the venous system);
  • sweets (they increase the levels of glucose in the blood, is removed from the body trace elements);
  • preserves, cold meats, pickles, cold cuts, cold cuts (the excess of salt in these products leads to fluid retention in the body);
  • pasta (promote constipation);
  • mucous membranes soups, and cereals (such as slow emptying of the bowel);
  • coffee, tea, cocoa, chocolate (weaken the peristalsis of the intestine, which can lead to constipation);
  • the salt (causes swelling of the tissues).

Take the food must be fractional, small portions, 5-6 times a day. During a meal should not drink. Dilution of the gastric juice, water or other beverages resulting in impairment of the digestion of food and, consequently, constipation.

Necessarily need to get used to you for breakfast. In the preparation of dishes must leave the frying and extinguishing products. It is important to note that in the early stages of varicose veins exclusion or limitation of influence of trigger factors can stop the development of the disease. In the later stages of varicose veins compared to the limits you can feel its progression, greatly alleviate the condition of patients and to avoid dangerous complications.