Reviews Variconis

  • Julia
    Variconis it gave me back the ease of movement, a very good drug, just a couple of months I are freed from the varicose veins, now, and remember these veins fear.
  • Manfred
    Even if men are less likely to suffer from varicose veins, apparently, I have not had the good fortune, because of the work in the office I had an asterisk on the calves, the legs are seriously ill. Fortunately, the gel has been shown to be effective and helped to return to a normal life without the discomfort and pain.
  • Natascha
    I have it all in the family Variconis were treated, apparently, is a hereditary disease. But no, now even my grandmother, none of the veins of the legs do not protrude, quickly has helped. But in the medicine cabinet, in any case, gel keep.
  • Verena
    I was always embarrassing to go around in shorts due to varicose veins, but Variconis has freed me and from varicose veins, and from the complexes associated with the looks, now the legs smooth and beautiful!!!
  • Astrid
    Very good product, after delivery is required, practically, because all the mothers in the veins of the legs come out. Well, nothing, is a quick blood restore.
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